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MeraSport takes great pleasure in launching it's new "GetActive" service, which is here to remove all stops in your way of Getting Active and Staying Fit.


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“Why GetActive” ?


Most of us do not stay active and fit primarily because “I’m not sure where…”, “I never knew…” (etc.)

-           “I’d love to go trekking next weekend, but just don’t know a good place near Bangalore.”

-           “Can you really do overnight camping trips with the family around here ?”

-          “Nobody told me about the Nike Run on 24Oct., I’d have gone for it!”

-           “I’d love to start jogging on Saturdays, is there some group I can run with ?”

-          “Where can I find a good swimming coach for my kids ?”

Basically: “Hey, I just don’t know what activities are possible in and around Bangalore. If I did, I’d join one of them for sure!”


The GetActive service is designed to address all these questions and more.



What is GetActive ?”


We enable you to Get Active & Stay Fit through easy and regular participation in activities such as sport, fitness, treks etc. We do this by:


(1)  Keeping you informed on the interesting activities happening in your city


And equally important:


(2)  Assisting you and your family in easily participating in your activity of choice.



  1. GetActive Daily Alerts: Stay Informed!


You receive a daily sms, informing you of an activity / event / sport that you can join, all happening right in your city! Find out the latest on:

a.    Where to play or learn different sports, do fitness training, yoga etc.

b.    Where/How best to plan an outing for you and your family

c.    Upcoming sporting events and coaching camps in your city…


Just pick what interests you – and run with it ! Do you want to go for:

·         Trekking in Chikmagalur this weekend ?

·         Horse riding in Bangalore ?

·         Rowing maybe ?

·         Yoga session at a leading gym chain in Bangalore ?


Get all this delivered to your phone. Daily. All you need to do is click here and sign up for this introductory offer.


In addition to sms, you can also access this content on the browser of your mobile phone/PC, and hence also access fotos and more detailed information about your event of choice.



  1. The GetActive HelpLine: Your Sports/Fitness Assistant!


a.    Can’t find what you need ?

b.    Have specific queries about activities in your neighbourhood ?

c.    Want to talk to someone and get them to organize it all for you ?


Just call us, or you send us an email or sms. We answer any question you have in the area of Sports, Fitness, Health or Sports Merchandising in Bangalore, e.g.:

-          I live at Ulsoor. Where can my kids go for soccer coaching ?

-          What’s the best place near Koramangala, to buy a new Squash Racket ?

-          I want to organize a river-rafting event for my team. Can you help ?




So, GetActive is here to get you on your way to a more active, fitter and healthier life!


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Great. But Why do I need GetActive? I’ll just Google….”


Absolutely you can. Google is a terrific free service to search for information on the Web. The problem though is that quite often

-          Not all the events / activities of your neighbourhood are on the web.

-          How often will you search for new events ? For how long will you search ?

-          And when you do find something, are you sure it is “current” information, or is it stale ?

Often this is just too much trouble… way more than it needs to be.


Which is why we believe that your local sports and fitness information is best obtained via GetActive:

-          Just watch the daily alerts for ongoing activities, jump into whichever sport / event interests you!

-          Call the HelpLine if you need help at any time!



Hence GetActive from MeraSport. Your Local Sport/Fitness Enabler.


MeraSport is part of the SportzVillage Enterprise, which has built an ecosystem of relationships across federations, media, sponsors, associations, brands, schools and sports lovers over the last 6 years.


The GetActive team makes use of this vast experience, know-how and contacts in the area of Sports and Fitness. We’ll thus reach out to many more sources of events and activities all over the city, and hence get you the most accurate and relevant and independent answers that fit your needs.



How much does it cost ? How do I pay ?


The GetActive Service [Daily Alerts + HelpLine] costs you just Rs.100 a month.

Rs.500 for a 6-month pack, including a 1-month money-back guarentee!


Think of the value you derive by getting just one good sport/activity you can join, or one good outing that you can go for, based on the info and assistance you get from GetActive. It’s well-worth making a small investment in finding the right activities to participate in!


So don't wait, get the information and the answers you need in order to get "up and running" on your way to an Active lifestyle !!


Click here to make your payment.



What happens after I pay ?


  • You will get a confirmation email as soon as your payment is received by the GetActive team.
  • You will start getting daily alerts from the next day onwards.
  • You will get access to login to your mobile/PC browser to view all the alerts, pictures etc.
  • You can also callup the GetActive HelpLine with any questions whenever required.



What else can I do with GetActive ?


Once you are a member, you can do many more fun things:


  • Tell others about the local events going on in the areas near you
  • Do you organize any large or small sporting event or activity?
    • Tell us about it, so that we can tell others in the neighbourhood!
    • We can also help you sell your event tickets online.
  • Create your own channel, invite friends to listen in
  • Create your own chat group, and share/discuss the upcoming events.


Just contact us at for any of the above.




More Questions ?


One call / sms / email to the GetActive Helpline is all it takes:


Phone:             +91 80 4146 0903

Email :   

SMS:               GA  to  57575756



With Best Wishes and Success on your road to a Fit and Active Life


-The GetActive Helpline Team







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